Giving Our Best,
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At A Better Today Recovery Services, we pride ourselves on having a caring and receptive staff that focuses on our clients needs above all else. People often come to us when they are at their worst, and it is our job to show them that they deserve better and how to get there. ABTRS focuses less on time and more on client progress as a measure of success both for the client and our company.

“Being passionate, ethical, and dedicated drives me to make ABTRS the best it can be for my patients. Saving lives, healing families.”

Charles Anderson

Vision Statement

To be recognized worldwide as the industry leading substance abuse treatment center providing our patients with a safe and comfortable environment for treatment, evidence based treatment methods proven to be effective, and employees and staff that genuinely cares at an affordable cost.

A Better Today Recovery Service’s Values

  • Patient Focused: Our patients needs and their journey through recovery is our primary focus.
  • Professionalism: We maintain the highest ethical standards and provide our patients with graduate level staff to ensure a life changing experience.
  • Integrity: Providing evidence based substance abuse treatment built on principles of honesty and personal accountability.
  • Genuine Care: Industry leading lifetime guarantee for patients that graduate our program.
  • Passion: Inspiring patients and staff to reach their full potential in life.


ABTRS realizes that there isn’t a one treatment fits all approach to recovery. That is why we have many treatment strategies that have been proven to work. You can partake in equine, music, art, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, individual, group and family therapy during your period of treatment. Some or all of these therapies are available depending on the location that you choose. Experienced Treatment Consultants can help you decide which location will be the best suited for your individual needs.


While rehab isn’t a day at the spa, ABTRS wants our patients to be comfortable and safe. Some of the residences have pools, full sized beds, beautiful desert views, and many other features to help them feel at home during their period of recovery. We understand how addiction can rob you of the basic necessities of life. Our facilities are designed to create an atmosphere of care, respect and promote the journey into recovery.

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