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Taking the First Steps with ABT

It all begins with a call. When you call A Better Today Recovery Services you will speak with an addiction specialist who can understand the complexity of your situation. Our trained addiction specialist will guide you through all aspects of the recovery process.

There are plenty of options when it comes to treatment, and our dedicated experts will help you choose the road to recovery that is right for you. While change may not always be easy or simple, our goal is to make your recovery process as smooth as possible.

With ABTRS, your personalized life-saving program for recovery begins immediately. We have transportation staff who meet patients from out of state at the airport and drive them to their residential facility. In a process designed to help patients stay relaxed, maintain comfort, and remain motivated, you will receive professional medical attention within 24 hours of arrival.

After meeting the house manager and nurses, you are given a tour of your living accommodations, while every effort is made to help you acclimate to your new comforting surroundings.

Helpful Considerations before Treatment

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What to Bring and what not to bring

Find what you should and should not bring when starting a rehab program at ABTRS.

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The Treatment You Need When You Need it – Quality Care with Life Changing Potential

With multiple locations and a variety of programs in Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada, ABTRS can provide anyone from any locale with any sort of addiction the cutting-edge treatment program that they need most. ABTRS facilities are designed to enhance your chances of successful recovery by promoting comfort along with compassionate responsibility. Our medical staff is available to help you 24 hours a day – because we care. Relearning how to live a sober and happy life can be hard, but you will not be alone. Our trained, dedicated, responsive, and responsible staff will provide you with the empathy, guidance, and understanding you deserve as you embark on this all-important journey.

To ensure long-lasting recovery and confidence in their new direction in life, ABTRS provides aftercare planning when they graduate their program. Living a lifestyle in recovery is a journey, it requires maintenance; we provide valuable skills and tools that will give you confidence in that maintenance. The ABTRS approach to drug and alcohol abuse treatment is built on quality and effectiveness.

If you approach recovery with an open-mind, you will realize that life is worth living after what you have went through and more importantly, you can do it. The best part is you do not have to do it alone. There is a sober community waiting to show you what you are missing while in active addiction.

A True Path to Recovery

As you embark on your journey with ABTRS, you will be assigned a dedicated case manager and a primary therapist who will hear you and guide you with your recovery and life needs – both within our treatment centers and with life issues that may arise for you outside of our treatment centers. You will meet with your case manager early, often and as much as necessary, to assure that you get the help you need. For example, your case manager can help write letters to court, help you receive passes to attend previously scheduled and important meetings, and help you to find the assistance you need to meet deadlines for employer-based FMLA or federal tax filing.

Your case-manager will also assist you with arranging your aftercare plan for continued post-treatment recovery. Sober-living options will be offered to you. Once you are ready to leave residence at our treatment facilities, you will have the option to continue your treatment within our renowned Evening IOP program. Insurance often covers this program. As long as you have successfully completed the personalized treatment program our professionals set out for you.

Addiction is a Family Disease

We also encourage family members to schedule private appointments with the patient’s licensed and primary therapist, wherein issues affecting the entire family unit can be discussed and addressed in a safe setting where privacy is assured.

When addiction becomes the focus of their life, it is not just the individual who suffers. Their entire family feels it too. The endless nights worrying if their loved one is still alive.

The time spent thinking about what they could have done differently so their loved one would not feel the urge to abuse substances. The amount of money that the legal and health troubles may have cost them. The powerless feeling that breeds dread and frustration in the family.The reality is that when a loved one is abusing substances and lost in drug seeking behaviors it can be difficult to know how to help.

 ABTRS company motto of ‘Saving Lives & Healing Families’ means we understand addiction to drugs and alcohol affects the family as much as it affects the person. Therefore, the whole family needs to be involved in their loved one’s healing process.We welcome and encourage family members to visit on ‘Family Weekend Workshops’ during which they can attend group therapy sessions; meeting in a group setting with other families in similar situations can help show that you and your loved one are not alone and that there are people who understand.

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