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A Better Today Recovery Service’s Approach to Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Anyone who has overindulged is alcohol may find it hard to believe how addictive alcohol really is. A Better Today Recovery Services understands the struggle people have with alcoholism. Where many can have a couple drinks and put the bottle down, others have to keep consuming it till the very last drop.

Alcohol is one of the most common addictions in America being legal and readily available at nearly every grocery store or gas station. What started out as occasional drinking with friends or coworkers can easily become a crutch for destressing or escaping the problems that plague you the most. Many find themselves indulging in alcohol because it is a social lubricant or liquid courage. Because excessive drinking gets worse as time goes on, Alcohol abuse treatment is often needed.

Overindulging in alcohol tends to take a hard toll on the body and once the body becomes dependent, it can be dangerous and difficult to just stop. The good news is, there is treatment available for you or a loved one that can help put an end to alcohol abuse. Our treatment of alcohol abuse starts with a medically supervised detox to bring you relief from the dangerous withdrawals that are experienced during alcohol detox.

After successfully completed your stabilization treatment, you will move on to our intensive treatment programs, where you will learn how to cope with the stress and anxiety of life without the use of alcohol. It is ABTRS’s mission to help you succeed in recovery from alcohol addiction. If you are unsure if you have a problem with alcohol, take our alcohol assessment to find out if you can benefit from treatment.

88,000 people die each year from alcohol related causes.

Health Risks Associated with Alcohol Abuse

It is no secret that alcoholism can cause major health problems. The statistics themselves speak volumes about the dangers of alcoholism and the toll it takes on your body. It is estimated that 88,000 people die each year in alcohol-related deaths. Some health risks associated with heavy drinking are cirrhosis of the liver, anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, seizures, gout, high blood pressure, nerve damage, and pancreatitis.

Excessive alcohol intake can also suppress your immune system leaving your body vulnerable to infectious disease. The statistics on drunk driving related deaths are also alarming. It is said that 28 people in the United States die in alcohol-related traffic accidents every day. Many of our patients have told us that as time went on, driving under the influence became a normal occurrence for them. They always hoped and prayed that they wouldn’t get caught or hurt someone on their way to the store to purchase more alcohol. In a year, it is estimated that 13,000 lives are ended due to alcohol users driving under the influence.

The cost of these damages adds up to a cost of around 52 billion dollars a year. It is easy to see why treatment can be necessary for alcohol abuse. These are very serious risks that you cannot afford to take. If you know that you are unable to control your drinking, don’t let yourself lose your health or become an alcohol death statistic.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism with A Better Today

At A Better Today Recovery Services, you will have a medical team at your side monitoring your vitals and offer medications to help ease the pain and lessen the risks associated with alcohol withdrawal. Detoxing from alcohol can be life threatening and dangerous. Coming to treatment at A Better Today Recovery Services means that you will have a safe place to overcome your dependency on alcohol with professionals who understand and care about your level of comfort during treatment.

A Better Today Recovery Service’s quality substance abuse treatment provides each patient with a detailed mental and physical assessment that can help those with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Many people self-medicate with alcohol to cope with PTSD, anxiety, or severe depression. Our approach to substance abuse treatment teaches you techniques that free yourself from the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction.

A Better Today Recovery Service’s substance abuse treatment incorporates individual, group, family, and holistic therapies that can encourage a life worth living free of alcohol abuse. We will work with you on building those skills and tools from the time you arrive until the time you leave. Our master-level clinicians will work with you on developing a relapse prevention and aftercare plan that is tailored to your unique needs and triggers.

ABTRS has a passion for helping heal families and save lives! Call us today to learn more about our inpatient programs and get the help you need to turn your life filled with your idea of success!

ABT is Proud of Our Quality of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol related deaths rank third, after tobacco and poor diet.

The Dangers of Going Cold Turkey When Detoxing From Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol withdrawal is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, detoxing from alcohol without proper medical attention and supervision has proven fatal for some. Attempting to detox from alcohol on your own is something that you should never consider. Alcohol in large quantities is toxic to the body and causes changes in your metabolism and central nervous system. Your body begins to rely heavily on alcohol and abruptly stopping drinking can be fatal.

It causes both psychological and physical symptoms of withdrawal. The symptoms that can be experienced during alcohol withdrawal are tremors, sweating, elevated pulse, and blood pressure, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety. If you have become severely physically dependent on alcohol and you suddenly attempt to stop drinking, you run the risk of seizures and organ failure. These withdrawal symptoms can begin 1-3 days after your last drink and can last for 2-10 days. Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal, depending on the length of time and severity of the dependence.

Delirium tremens is the name for severe alcohol withdrawal and it can cause heart problems and fatal injuries during seizures. Alcohol detox is best done under the supervision of a medical professional. Medical detox can include medications to help your system in balance and prevent further complications. Detox is the first step and treatment should always follow once detox is complete. If you need more information on detox, please call us today.

A Better Today Recovery Service’s Approach to Treating Alcohol Addiction

A Better Today Recovery Services offers Residential or Inpatient Treatment for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Our approach to treatment utilizes individualized treatment, fact-based research, advanced substance abuse medications, and relapse prevention techniques to ensure a long-lasting recovery.

Group counseling, one on one therapy sessions, and behavioral therapy will help you identify the root of your addiction, learn how to manage triggers and stressors without resorting to alcohol and drugs, and educate you on the disease model of addiction. Every day, you will participate in healthy activities and work to develop skills and techniques that promote maintaining your sobriety. ABT doesn’t just treat your addiction, but teaches you the importance of having a healthy body and thought process.

A Better Today’s treatment team will work with you to develop an aftercare plan that will set you up for success. Our Evening IOP aftercare offers guidance at your busy schedule on how to maintain your recovery and work through stressors. We also host an Alumni Program, where you can stay in touch and be actively involved with other ABT graduates.

ABT wants you to be successful in maintaining your recovery, we understand that relapse can be a part of someone’s journey, but it does not have to be. Before you graduate, we highly recommend considering a sober living establishment that will keep you involved in the recovery community and offer you a similar routine set up in treatment. Our staff is more than happy to take you on tours of sober livings that are right for you and your schedule.

We also offer Evening Intensive Outpatient to help give them the extra support needed fresh out of treatment. Don’t let the overwhelming feeling of the real world cause relapse, pick up the phone and give us a call about how evening Intensive Outpatient can help you.

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Reliable Sources About Alcoholism Can Make The World of a Difference When Considering Getting Help

Deciding to seek substance abuse treatment can be stressful. The stigma associated with active addiction makes it difficult to find a reputable source of information to support your life change decisions to get sober. Not many people feel comfortable going to a doctor to discuss their alcohol addiction without feeling shame or blame for their struggles. That is why it is important for ABTRS to provide information that you can count on, free from shame, and worth your trust.

We want to empower you with the knowledge to make good decisions that better your life. We take pride in offering reputable sources that are impartial, not funded by organizations that could benefit from certain outcomes, and proven or tested to be effective. Know that the sources below are there to help you by educating you about rehab and the substance you are indulging in.

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