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It is easy to become dependent on alcohol as a way of destressing your life. Car payments, long hours at work, and managing the kids may leave you with little time to unwind and relax. Or maybe having a beer or pouring yourself a drink is the only way of getting a decent amount of sleep due to everything that is on your mind.

When you feel like alcohol is becoming a daily crutch and interfering with the healthy relationships in your life, know that A Better Today Recovery Services is here to help you find peace and stability. We want to help you find better coping mechanisms than dulling your mind with booze every day.
A Better Today provides a certain level of care that fits your needs and gets to the core of your addiction.

All our Inpatient alcohol treatment programs are constructed with various treatment options to keep you busy while you are in treatment every day of the week. Starting a new journey in life should always begin with a cleansing detox of body and mind. Cleansing your body of the toxins that alcohol abuse can cause will prepare you for treatment and encourage a healthy response to your program.

If you or someone you love is struggling in life with an Alcohol Addiction, reach out to A Better Today for the quality care that is Saving Lives, Healing Families.

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Learn More About Alcohol Treatment

There are many forms of treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction. The key to a long lasting recovery is finding a facility that will focus on your needs and heal your body, mind and soul. Your treatment should provide you with life lessons that will directly affect the quality of your life and the people that are in it.

The goal for the A Better Today therapists and physicians is to enhance your life with personalized treatment that is long lasting. Coming home to polish off a six pack is not inspiring you for greatness, experiencing life to its’ fullest or providing you with the satisfying feeling of a joyous life.

A Better Today Recovery Services is discrete about our clients and are legally obligated to keep your information confidential about the treatment we provide you. That doesn’t stop our clients from recommending us to others in need of help for alcoholism.

The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse: Why You Need Treatment

Alcohol abuse can affect you psychologically and physically. Individuals who suffer from alcohol addiction tend to build up a high tolerance, causing you to drink more to get the same effect. This causes internal damage to the liver and other important organs.
Alcohol has a negative impact on the brain’s reward system when the only solution to a bad week is to get blackout drunk and pass out. Having a family history of alcohol abuse or trauma in your childhood could lead to an unhealthy use of alcohol as well. These physical and psychological changes affect the quality of your life and if goes untreated, can turn into a mental illness.

Having a comprehensive treatment plan by A Better Today can help ease the discomfort of detoxing from alcohol and provide one on one therapy treatment with master level therapists that care about getting to the root of the problem and see you succeed in life.

Because that’s what we all really want to do in life; is to succeed.

ABT is Proud of Our Quality of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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Stabilization and a Cleansing of Toxins

Trying to go cold turkey from alcohol abuse is uncomfortable and dangerous.That is why it always important to have someone there watching over you and providing you with the medication and comfort you need at a time like this. We have a staff of professional nurses and doctors focused on providing you with 24-hour medical care that is both comforting and attentive.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms range from anxiety and shakiness to severe life threatening complications like seizures and violent tremors.

A Better Today knows exactly how to handle these types of discomforts and are more than happy to provide you with the medication you need to get through it. We will do it together.

While the withdrawal period can be extremely uncomfortable it is critical for a successful recovery.

We cannot stress enough how important personalized treatment is during this period of your life. Chances are, if you are abusing alcohol, you may be feeling depressed, overwhelmed, angry and struggling to deal with life on its terms. There are options and levels of care you can choose from.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

A Better Today Recovery Services Residential or Inpatient treatment has been polished to perfection with individualized treatment plans and fact-based research, and techniques. Group counseling, one on one therapy, and behavioral therapy will be a large part of your recovery in an inpatient ABT program.

A Healthy mind and body is important for a full recovery. By incorporating your daily routine with physical activity like yoga and weight lifting, you will not only begin to feel emotionally stable but more energetic and receptive to life’s challenges.
A Better Today is all about progress. If you are ambitious about your recovery and only need 45 days to get your life back on track, a professional therapist will adjust your treatment plan to meet your pace of recovery.

If you need more time to recover from your alcohol addiction, then we are happy to extend your treatment at your leisure. Remember, it is about you and your journey through recovery. Check out our locations and decide where you want to start your new life.
Alcohol inpatient treatment allows you time to focus on your life and really dig down deep for growth from within. Time to decompress from the problems life has thrown at you may be what you need and we can provide you with a comfortable and luxurious environment to do just that.Let A Better Today inspire a new you free from alcohol abuse.

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Outpatient Treatment Programs

Our Outpatient program is for the workaholic who needs help but doesn’t have the time to dedicate to inpatient treatment. A Better Today has different types of treatment options to suit your needs and can provide counseling, classes, support groups, and family therapy at a time that is suitable with your work schedule.

Just because you are a hard worker doesn’t mean you do not care about your family’s concerns when they ask you to get help for your alcohol problem. By researching A Better Today’s Outpatient program it shows that you care about them and want to change the affect alcohol has on your relationship.

Check out our Outpatient Alcohol treatment facility location and show your family that you care just as much as they do and that you are willing to take that first step in the right direction.

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