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Healing The Entire Person

The effects of addiction seep into every aspect of a person. It diminishes physical health. It changes the chemical makeup of the brain, which disrupts mental health. It also steals the essence of what makes the person who he or she is. At ABTRS, we focus on healing the whole person. Our comprehensive programs are specifically tailored for every individual who comes through our doors. All programs emphasize a nutritional diet and exercise to heal the body, as well as a variety of therapies to heal addictions and recover a healthy mentality.

Evidence-Based Treatments Only

As research into addiction and addiction treatment progresses, we discover new effective ways to heal people. A variety of alternative treatments are continually being studied, as promising results emerge. At ABTRS, we’re open to alternative treatments, but we favor proven treatment techniques to heal our patients. Our eye remains on these studies to integrate into our programs. Until their efficiency is proven, our individually tailored programs are made of evidence-based addiction treatments that we know will work for our patients.

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