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Cassandra Wayterra has more than six years of experience working in fields related to mental health and substance abuse. She received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Arizona State University in 2009.

She went on at Arizona State to earn a master’s in Social Work as well, with a concentration in child welfare in 2011. She has been working for A Better Today, as a therapist, since May of 2016.

She is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and is in the process of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Cassandra began her professional career working for Child Protective Services (CPS), doing investigations of child neglect and abuse. The majority of the cases she investigated involved substance abuse and mental illness, which drew her to specialize.

Cassandra transitioned, after four years at CPS, to work in substance abuse at Community Bridges in 2015. There she developed her work as a counselor, helping women with co-occurring disorders who were pregnant, parenting, or suffering from Post-Partum Depression.

It was after this that she found A Better Today and she is overjoyed to be working directly with individuals as they find recovery. An Arizona native, born and raised, she is happy to have an impact on the community she grew up in. She loves coffee and attributes this love to her days back in graduate school, working as a Starbucks barista.

Her favorite aspect to focus on in therapeutic care is relationship work. Cassandra enjoys helping patients learn how to build healthy relationships with appropriate boundaries.

This has been her interest from the beginning, starting with her work with families at CPS. She is interested in getting certified in trauma one day, as well as sex therapy so that she can have even more resources for this relationship work.

“I’m a big believer in establishing healthy relationships and the need for boundaries with every relationship in our lives.”

“I really like working with people in addiction, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. When you find your niche, you know you know and I just get it. I get why people would use, I get why people continue, I get that life gets hard and we all seek different ways to cope.”

Cassandra Wayterra

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Cassandra’s Message of Hope to Loved Ones & Those Still in Active Addiction

After working for a community center, Cassandra Wayterra grew passionate about helping those who are inactive addiction find a new way to live their life. She is very aware of the struggles involved in seeking and receiving treatment.

Cassandra believes that everyone is more capable than they believe, and she loves helping people come to that realization through therapy and addiction treatment. Cassandra is also a firm believer in creating a supportive environment for her patients while she is in their life.

She loves watching the change unfold from addiction to sobriety, and uses it as inspiration to keep working in drug & alcohol treatment.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

One of the most important things learned in substance abuse treatment is learning how to establish healthy boundaries. There are many who go into treatment with guilt and shame about any possible damaged relationships they have.

Many people who become addicted to their drug of choice may have felt peer pressure to abuse substances to fit in. When getting fresh out of treatment, friends and family members may cause triggers to use and abuse their drug of choice again.

Cassandra Wayterra teaches how important it is to learn how to establish healthy boundaries, and how healthy boundaries can help communicate trigger potentials and keep you on the right path in recovery.

Why is Self-esteem & Communication Important After Rehab?

Many people who seek treatment for substance abuse can often forget how important self-esteem and communicating their boundaries are once out of rehab.

Having the confidence to tell friends and family when you are uncomfortable or triggered to relapse is hard, but therapist Cassandra Wayterra believes that it is possible to learn how to do so in an effective and calm manner. Cognitive behavior therapy is one way you can learn these skills.

Your self-esteem defines what type of communicator you are, and through learning to rebuild your self-esteem and proper communication tools, you can set proper boundaries to help keep you safe in your recovery.

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