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Common Thought Distortions
& Substance Abuse

Give Yourself a Chance: Free Yourself From Substance Abuse Influenced Thought Distortions

Substance abuse and thought distortions typically go hand-in-hand. The strong and complex relationship between these two entities is completely logical.

People in active addiction continue to use despite negative consequences of increasing severity, which occurs because of the influence of thought distortions.

They allow an individual to behave in a self-defeating way while fully believing that he or she is helping him or herself.

Common thought distortions include filtering, black and white thinking, overgeneralization, catastrophizing, personalizing, and jumping to conclusions. Most people are guilty of thought distortions, however, few to the degree that those in active addiction practice.

Common Thought Distortions Caused by Years of Drugs & Alcohol Abuse

Filtering entails seeing only the positives or negatives of a situation. A person using might only see the negatives of school, work or home life while also seeing only the positives of using. He or she will focus almost entirely on the stress of life while glorifying the effect of mood and mind-altering substances.

Black and white thinking is an exercise in extremes. In this case, a person might believe that things either are or are not, there is no gray area or middle ground. A great example is when a person feels that he or she must get an A in a class, anything else equals failure.

There are many more types of thought distortions and they affect everyone, whether they use or abuse addictive substances or not. However, those in active addiction are particularly affected by thought distortions. These revisions of reality can be so strong that they threaten or claim an individual’s life.

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