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A Better Today Recovery Service’s Guide to Financing Substance Abuse Treatment

At A Better Today Recovery Services, we want you to be informed of your rights if you or your loved one is suffering from a substance abuse disorder and/or mental health disorder. When making important decisions that will impact you or your loved one’s future, it is important to have the foundation of your decision built on knowledge. Questions to consider are:

Do you need an intervention for your loved one?
Which type of treatment is right for you or your loved one, inpatient or outpatient ?
What about credibility and certifications of the treatment center you or your loved one will be attending?
What is the level of support family and friends will be willing to dedicate to you or your loved ones treatment plan and aftercare?
Last but not least, How you are financing treatment?

Drug & alcohol addiction is considered a disease and knowing your rights when it comes to healthy insurance policies will give you confidence. Confidence in making the right decisions when investing in drug and alcohol addiction. Call one of our addiction specialists today and get all of your questions answered.

Where There is a Will, There is a Way; ABTRS Can Guide You the Whole Way.


Substance Abuse Effects People Differently: Everyone Has a Different Story

How Do People Get Addicted to Drugs & Alcohol?

The answer to this question is different for each person, though there are some pretty common scenarios that can occur. Sometimes, an individual witnesses drug and alcohol abuse from adults around them while they are growing up.

In this type of situation, a person usually feels as if they never had a chance in the first place. This is often true, for children and young teens who grow up in a drug and alcohol filled environment. For others, it starts as a way of curiosity and experimentation. A teenager for example, may start drinking with their friends at parties. As time goes on, that teenager and their friends will start to hear rumors about other drugs.

The teenagers may begin seeking something that will make them feel better than alcohol. If the opportunity arises, they are likely to begin experimenting with drugs. By the time they realize what has happened, they are addicted and feel there is no turning back.

No matter how you got addicted to drugs and alcohol, know that there is a way out of addiction. When someone is already abusing drugs and alcohol, finding out the roots of why they use them, is one of the most important steps. Learn more about the slippery slope of addiction and why people find themselves caught up in drug seeking behaviors.

What are Co-occurring Disorders ?

Co-occurring disorders are defined as a patient having both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder. Once called a “Dual Diagnosis,” Co-occurring disorders were given their own label to refer specifically to a substance abuse and a mental health disorder.

A Better Today Recovery Services understands that individuals who suffer from an un-diagnosed mental health disorder, often develop a dependency on substances like heroin, alcohol, and/or marijuana to cope with the symptoms of their mental health disorders. (i.e. PTSD, major depression, or anxiety).

This destructive behavior of self-medicating with drugs and alcohol may appear to allow the individual to feel normal or cope with life’s hardships. What appears at first like a cure to his or her problems, turns into a trap that enslaves the person to addiction.

ABTRS’s approach to alcohol and drug treatment offers quality levels of care that result in long-term sobriety, by offering co-occurring treatment that addresses the mental health disorder and substance abuse disorder simultaneously.

Knowing Your Options For Making the Right Decision

A Better Today Recovery Service’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Payment Options:

When you finally had enough of the torment that comes with substance abuse, getting your loved one the resources they need for long-lasting treatment should not be what stops someone from getting their life back. At least that is what A Better Today believes and we are willing to help you as much as possible because what we are really talking about is saving a life, not investing in a car. A real person that had hopes and dreams once, and showing them there is true enjoyment and fulfillment in life without mind altering substances is worth investing in.

When paying for drug and alcohol treatment you have options. Substance abuse treatment is an investment in a better future for your loved one. Instead of watch them sell all your stuff and their morality away, take action now before the drug seeking behavior of substance abuse takes control of their life.

Insurance Coverage

These days everyone must have some form of health insurance. Not many people really know what is covered and what is not as the policies that people sign up for are often confusing or littered with medical jargon. A Better Today is happy to tell you that substance abuse is covered by most medical insurance plans.

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008 states that group health plans and health insurance companies must provide the same level of benefits for mental and/or substance use treatment and services that they do for medical/surgical care. The Affordable Care Act expands the MHPAEA’s requirements by guaranteeing that qualified plans cover many behavioral health services and treatments.

Coverage of Most Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance Plans:

Detoxification: Medical
Residential Treatment Care (RTC): Medical, Clinical/Therapy, Room & Board
Partially Hospitalization Plan (PHP): Continued Medical, Clinical/Therapy
Intensive Outpatient (IOP): Medical, Clinical/Therapy


Saving lives and healing families; that is the foundation of what A Better Today is built upon as it should for every drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We are talking about second chances at a fulfilling life, someone’s daughter or son suffering in active addiction. We are talking about people, neighbors, friends, family struggling with a disease that only gets worse with neglect. We are talking about lives that once had purpose and ambition. With A Better Today, there will always be a way, method, or option for helping people get the treatment they need to be productive members of society.

If you qualify for a payment plan, there is a 2 to 3-year commitment available. With the right budgeting and support from family and our addiction specialists, we can find a way for your loved one to get clean and start living their life again. No one should have to spend their life time feeding an addiction. Talk to one of our addiction specialists to explore all the options for long lasting treatment.

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