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At A Better Today Recovery Services, we understand the desperation of wanting to help a loved one come back from the devastation brought on by addiction. We understand that the struggle is real for everyone involved and getting an addict the customized, professional help needed can run up a very expensive bill. Our goal is to get help to anyone who is ready to take that first step. A thorough and effective intervention itself can run up to $10,000. Find out if your situation qualifies for this once in a lifetime valuable opportunity to get the help your loved one so desperately needs. Funding is limited so capitalize on this opportunity and qualify now.

Life-Saving Treatment, Lifetime Guarantee
The ABT Guarantee is unique and refined with the family in mind. ABT will have your back for life if relapse is a part of your loved one’s journey.

Individualized Care Matters

Being a conservative company, we know how important it is for a healthy and productive family dynamic. Having experienced therapists who are licensed for dual diagnosis and individualized care for your son or daughter will directly impact the effectiveness of maintaining their sobriety.

Healing for Family & Loved Ones

When your loved one graduates an ABT program, an experience therapist will help set up an aftercare program that will provide them with confidence in their new life direction. Whether it is finding meetings in their hometown or educating them on healthy coping mechanisms, ABT will ensure they have a strong support system.
Dr. Anderson set me up with a strong aftercare program. Meetings twice a week, guided step work with sponsor, and a solid support system. Ready for a fresh start.

Fresh Start in Recovery & a New Life

Drug and alcohol treatment is not just for your struggling loved one. A Better Today utilizes a family liaison team to help educate, communicate, and keep the family connected with those in treatment. From alumni events to aftercare programs, know ABT is focused on providing treatment that is long lasting.
Thank you ABT for helping my husband overcome his drug addiction and PTSD. Dr. Anderson saved my babies daddy!

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