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Making an Educated Decision & Preparing

Determining whether you should attend addiction treatment can be difficult. It’s often hard to determine if you really need treatment at all. But, if you find that substances have become your main priority, your health is suffering, and you don’t find joy in previous interests, it’s likely a good idea for you to seek treatment.

To prepare yourself for treatment, imagine the potential of your life without drugs and alcohol. Prepare friends and family to establish your support system and tie up loose ends that need to be addressed before you leave. Make the arrangements necessary to commit your focus to your well being over the next few weeks. You’re about to change your life!

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Struggling with addiction is difficult, so why should your rehab be? ABTRS takes the risk out of the equation.


From the first phone consultation, to your rehabilitation and sobriety, ABTRS makes your privacy our number one concern.

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No one ever said that the journey into recovery would easy, but we have a promise. Complete our 90-day program and receive a 28-day tune up.

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