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Establishing &
Respecting Boundaries

Communicating & Establishing Boundaries Ensures You Respect Yourself and Others

The phrase “good fences make good neighbors” hints at the idea of boundaries keeping the peace in society and relationships.

Healthy boundaries are one of the most important and best ways to maintain healthy relationships. You interact with the world continuously throughout the day, every day.

If you lack healthy boundaries or do not respect those of others, the day to day experiences could prove overwhelming and toxic. Boundaries are a commonly neglected area of life, which leaves people vulnerable to be taken advantage of or taking advantage of another.

A common side effect of ineffective boundaries is the sense that relationships in your life take the same path every time. You might feel like you just attract a certain type of person or that you are fated to be in destructive relationships.

Learning to Communicate in Treatment Means Establishing and Respecting Boundaries

Actually, it’s your boundaries that are causing the repeated failing or abusive relationships. By being too aggressive or passive, you attract others who compliment your lack of effective boundaries. You are essentially putting an advertisement for abuse out into the world.

Establishing healthy boundaries means that you determine the rules regarding how your interactions with the world and others. You demand respect and vow to respect others in return. Having healthy boundaries means that you do not allow the world or others to drain you of what you need to survive or function healthfully.

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