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How Substance Abuse
Turns into an Addiction

Why People Begin to Experiment with Drugs & Alcohol

The answer to this question is different for each person, though there are some pretty common scenarios that can occur.

Sometimes, an individual witnesses drug and alcohol abuse from adults around them while they are growing up. In this type of situation, a person usually feels as if they never had a chance in the first place. This is often true, for children and young teens who grow up in a drug and alcohol filled environment.

For others, it starts as a way of curiosity and experimentation. A teenager for example, may start drinking with their friends at parties. As time goes on, that teenager and their friends will start to hear rumors about other drugs. The teenagers may begin seeking something that will make them feel better than alcohol. If the opportunity arises, they are likely to begin experimenting with drugs. By the time they realize what has happened, they are addicted and feel there is no turning back.

How Do People Start Using Drugs?

No matter how you got addicted to drugs and alcohol, know that there is a way out of addiction. When someone is already abusing drugs and alcohol, finding out the roots of why they use them, is one of the most important steps.

One of the main reasons that people abuse alcohol is because it’s legal. An individual can reason that because it’s legal, it’s OK to use and even abuse.

Some young adults and teenagers abuse drugs in an attempt to rebel against their parents or they consider themselves as “misfits” and want to find a place where they fit in. A lot of time, this ends them up in a crowd that abuses drugs and alcohol. Peer pressure is also a factor in these situations. Eventually for these individuals, drug and alcohol abuse can become a way of life.

Digging Up The Roots: Why People Use Drugs and Alcohol.

Other reasons that people may abuse drugs and alcohol are due to past traumas or to fill a void feeling inside of themselves. Many times, people go through life feeling purposeless. Drugs and alcohol can be a way to escape the a feeling of emptiness or numb themselves to forget about past traumas.

People also abuse drugs because they have underlying mental health disorders. When this is the case, it is called self-medicating. Mental health disorders sometimes fly under the radar and are not noticed.

Individuals who self medicate can suffer a substantial amount because they go through life feeling that there is something wrong with them and they can not put their finger on it.

Many times they internalize this feeling of being abnormal. All they just know that drugs and alcohol seem to even them out. No matter why a person uses drugs and alcohol, they can find a way out. Treatment can put them on the path to recovery so that they can live an honorable and peaceful life.

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