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How Does Substance Abuse Affect Rational Thinking?

Substance abuse addictions have a truly unique affect on the human mind after years of abuse. Drugs that are opiate-based, amphetamines, alcohol and other substances have the ability to override the brain’s fundamental processes and influence rational thought to justify their grow drug and alcohol problem.

This corruption of the mind helps make intolerable situations tolerable and drug seeking behaviors justified for continued abuse. Those drug seeking behaviors that see robbing houses better than robbing people or stealing money from loved ones because they do not notice as irrational thoughts influenced by drug and alcohol abuse.

The debate of how thinking and substance abuse affect each other is ongoing. However, it is recognized that substance abuse has a negative effect on rational thinking and cognition.

Drug Seeking Behavior: How Substance Abuse Influences Rational Thought

Thought distortions are common, even expected among those actively using and abusing substances. These misinterpretations of thought must be identified and challenged in order for the individual to get better.

All or nothing thinking is a common thought distortion. The situation is seen in terms of black or white, with no room for the gray areas. Labeling is a form of all or nothing thinking and includes using terms like “loser” or “failure” to describe oneself or others.

Overgeneralizations are another form of thought distortions. These thoughts tend to exaggerate the meaning of a situation or outcome. Such as after a break-up, someone may claim that their relationships “always” end the same or something similar.

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