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How to Get Involved in Your Loved One’s Treatment?

Disconnecting from the internet and friends is important during treatment. However, they may choose to call you for support and encouragement once you get further along. We allow our clients to make phone calls, but we also want their focus to be on their treatment and changing the direction of their life for the better.

If they do call you, remember that it is important to have positive and healthy conversation with your loved one; have a conversation that is geared towards understanding and supporting them in their struggle to overcome addiction. Try to refrain from unhealthy conversations that may put more added stress on you and your loved one during this difficult time.

Your loved one may be filled with negativity about being deprived from their drug of choice. Keep in mind that after numbing themselves with drugs and Alcohol for an extensive period of time, emotions, especially anger and irritability, should be expected. Getting involved in your loved one’s treatment is more than making yourself available for phone calls; it’s about being able to be there for your loved one, with an open heart and mind.

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Mending the Broken Bonds: Participating in Family Therapy

Family therapy is another important way to get involved— we believe in including family in the treatment of our clients. We understand that addiction affects the entire family, not just the person that is struggling with a drug or Alcohol addiction. How incomplete would treatment be if we did not also include the other important loved ones in the picture?

Addiction has a ripple effect on family, and because of this, we encourage attending family therapy to help mend relationships and rebuild bridges  to help overcome psychological damage caused by addiction. Family therapy offers a safe environment to work through problems and go over healthy boundaries with a professional to mediate conversations so they are productive and beneficial. A Better Today understands that having a strong family support system can help ensure long term sobriety and dedication to recovery.

Attending Family therapy with your loved one sends a message that says, “I want to be involved in your recovery and I believe you can get better.” Many of the men and women who walk through our doors have mended relationships with their family that they believed were beyond repair. Show your loved one that you haven’t given up them by attending family therapy.

Day and Overnight Passes During Treatment Pushes Them to Succeed

If you live locally or are planning to visit, you have the option of taking your loved one on a day or overnight pass. All requests for passes must be turned in the week before, and are evaluated individually by the client’s treatment team. The treatment team will consider if it is in the client’s best interest to go on a pass, and who they are going on the pass with, before it is approved.

In many cases, taking your loved one on a pass can be a positive experience. This could be a good time for you to spend some alone time, face to face, to see the changes that are taking place in your loved one, and to begin to heal and mend your relationship. Our clients look forward to going on passes with their loved ones.

Passes are also like tests: when our clients go on passes, it is a way for them to gauge how and if they were triggered. It is a chance to see if they thought about drinking or using while on a pass. If our clients tell us that they are triggered while they were out, then we can discuss what other coping skills they may need to master before they graduate treatment.

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