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How Trauma Affects Your Substance Abuse Disorder?

Trauma is any event that causes an individual harm, whether physical, emotional, mental or other. The word trauma denotes a broad category of potential events and experiences.

What causes trauma in one person may not affect another the same way. Everyone experiences trauma differently and handles the aftereffects in equally diverse ways. Abuse is often traumatic to those who suffer it.

Physical, emotional, verbal, or any other type of abuse can result in devastation to the person’s self-esteem, identity, outlook, functioning as well as all other aspects of self.

An abused person may experience life-threatening events on a regular basis, making daily activities centered around survival, not living.

Does Trauma Influence the Severity of Your Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

The stress and strain of trauma is extremely detrimental. There is little to compare trauma to such that those who have not experienced it will understand.

Those who are traumatized often experience significant problems as a result of those trials and tribulations.

We at ABT understand the need for relief from such horrors. Many people resort to using mood and mind-altering substances for relief from the pain, fear and anxiety caused by trauma and abuse.

The repeated use of such substances can easily lead to addiction, which in turn, can cause further trauma.

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