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How Trauma can Affect Substance Abuse

What Came First, the Trauma or the Substance Abuse Addiction?

The relationship between trauma and substance abuse is directly correlated. One effects the other, often creating a complex situation where one intensifies and worsens the other.

Trauma impacts a person on every level, often causing severe distress and chronic health, emotional and psychological problems.

The individual experiencing nightmares, constant anxiety and fear, panic attacks, paranoia and many other potential symptoms may feel desperate for relief.

The need for symptom relief is often great enough to propel a person to do things that he or she might otherwise never consider. Drug and alcohol abuse is a commonly engaged in by those seeking relief from trauma related issues.

Coping with Trauma: the Unhealthy Behavior of Substance Abuse

Despite the temporary ease that drugs and alcohol may bring, substance abuse always complicates the situation. Substance abuse often leads to trauma itself, creating a situation where the individual’s emotional and psychological state is worsened.

With trauma from substance abuse added to the individual’s woes, he or she may increasingly turn to mood and mind-altering substances in an effort just to keep alive.

ABT understands the extreme hardships that trauma and substance abuse cause. The substance abuse may make trauma worse, however, many people can see no other option. We can help you recover without the need for drugs or alcohol.

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