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Your success is our success. Our biggest priority is finding you the treatment to suit your circumstances. Deciding to enroll in an addiction treatment program can feel scary and daunting. However, once you take the first step to call our staff, you will have support throughout your journey. A Better Today Recovery Services can help you research, discuss financial options, learn about quality care, and ultimately decide on a treatment program that is right for you. Before you decide anything, we want you to have all of the information you need. Here is some basic information on the levels of care that many recovery programs offer.

Evening Intensive Outpatient

Evening Intensive Outpatient is an important part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. These types of programs place an emphasis on the aftercare plan, cravings, and triggers. Effective programs ensure that their patients have a smooth transition out back to their homes or into a sober-living environment after treatment.

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