Lindsay Frye MS, LISAC


Lindsay Frye has three years of experience working in substance abuse counseling, all spent working for A Better Today Recovery Services. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Studies in 2009, from Arizona State University. Later, she went on to complete a master’s in Addiction Counseling at Grand Canyon University in 2014.

She is currently working toward her PHD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology), also from Grand Canyon University.

 Lindsay is currently registered as a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC). She began her journey in counseling work at A Better Today Recovery Services, where she did the practicum for her Master’s degree in the summer of 2014. It was such a good fit that ABTRS hired her on that November.

She took interest in the field of substance abuse after suffering from addiction herself. Lindsay found treatment and went through a similar process that her patients are going through now. Today, she is proud to say that she is active in recovery, making a difference in other’s lives. After getting the help that she needed, she is passionate about giving back.

She believes in rehab and therapy as methods of successfully recovering from substance abuse. This work is where her heart is, it’s what she knows—this is her lane. Lindsay also has a family with three beautiful children. She loves coffee, shopping, and working out at the gym.

Lindsay has seen many patients go through the program at ABTRS, leaving changed and moving towards a healthy life in recovery. One of her favorite memories was watching a patient work through rehab, go on to enter a master’s program in Counseling, get licensed. He is now a fellow therapist and she is thrilled to call him one of her peers in the field.

“I believe in treatment and therapy, it’s near and dear to my heart. I’ve been through it.”

Lindsay Frye

Lindsay’s Substance Abuse Video Resources

Lindsay’s Message of Hope to Loved Ones & Those Still in Active Addiction

At A Better Today Recovery Services, our therapists truly care about all the patients who come into their care at our substance abuse rehabilitation treatment facility.

Lindsay Frye’s past and her experience with addiction has inspired her throughout her career in substance abuse treatment. She has experienced how life-changing drug and alcohol treatment can be for those struggling in active addiction and is passionate about showing others their potential once they are sober.

Lindsay wants everyone to know that there is a better life after receiving treatment for addiction.

Defense Mechanisms that Influence Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Everyone has defense mechanisms that protect our sanity and assist in our self-preservation. For those in active addiction, these defense mechanisms keep people in a seemingly never-ending cycle of addiction.

A functioning alcoholic will deny they even have a problem and those who have experienced trauma during their addiction will develop a form of dissociation to protect themselves from overwhelming guilt or shame.

Addiction can contribute to many of these cognitive distortions and can keep people from receiving the help they need. At A Better Today Recovery Services, we can help you break these harmful cycles.

How Does Substance Abuse Affect Rational Thought?

Drugs and alcohol influence the brain and can incite feelings of euphoria that can influence the user’s mood. Abusing these mind-altering substances can lead to permanent damages to the brain.

These damages change rational thought. Unfortunately, the person struggling with active addiction does not see or understand that their rational thoughts are being distorted.

Lindsay Frye knows that changing this thought process can make intolerable situations tolerable and a destructive drug habit more manageable.

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