“When I came across this place, I really liked what it stood for. ABT promotes co-occurring disorders and I’m a co-occurring therapist. It’s my specialty.”

Ron Fritz MS, MAC


Ron Fritz is one of the most highly qualified therapists at A Better Today Recovery Services, with ten years of experience working in the fields of mental health and substance abuse as a professional therapist. He has a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. He is currently a fourth-year doctoral student in Psychology at Capella University and will be a true doctor of Psychology (PSYD) when he finishes.

Ron is a certified Master Addiction Counselor (LMAC) and has extensive specialized training. He is ASIST certified, a certified Domestic Violence Counselor, a Certified Alcohol and Drugs Counselor (CADC) III in Oregon, a Qualified PTSD Counselor, as well as a Qualified Sexual Assault Counselor.

Ron began his career in mental health in Oregon prison systems as an addiction counselor, which he did for four years. He also had his own practice as a counselor for four years before he found A Better Today Recovery Services. He was eager to get out of the clouds and rain of Oregon and into the Arizona sun and he admired what ABT stands for.

His specialty in the field is counseling people with co-occurring disorders, which he is very passionate about. He has published a book on Depression, entitled A Break in the Storm, and a number of articles on co-occurring disorders.

Ron enjoys the creative side of writing as well and has written numerous unpublished screenplays and fiction stories. He loves to watch movies of all kinds and to read historical novels. He spent six years in the navy as a nuclear engineer before his work in mental health began and has a deep love of the ocean.

He advises not to ever give up on somebody. He cares about this work because somebody once helped him and he wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for them. Now Ron is paying it forward and helping those who are in need today.


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A Break in the Storm: Coping with Major Depression

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