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Traveling for Drug & Alcohol Treatment – The ABTRS Approach

At A Better Today Recovery Services we know that addiction is a family disease and by the time people consider finding their loved ones’ treatment; relationships are stressed and feelings are hurt. Let us help you heal your family.

Addiction is caused by a combination of psychological, genetic and social factors. Having many factors contributing to the depth of the addiction means comprehensive and individualize care is needed for a long-term recovery.

A Better Today Recovery Services specializes in individualized care, providing master level therapists and a safe and comfortable environment for ABTRS treatment. Placing them in our care will give you time to heal and your loved one time to reflect and discover a better future. Trust that the moment they step through our doors, your loved one is in good hands.

Traveling for ABTRS treatment is a wise investment for your loved one’s future. Traveling for drug and alcohol treatment removes the loved one from an environment they know they can obtain and abuse drugs. Our approach to treatment has many benefits that encourage success and are proven effective. Let us help you take control before it is too late.

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Traveling for Drug Treatment Encourages Long-lasting Recovery

Unfortunately, the possibility of relapse is a hard thing to consider when on the journey to recovery. The fear of that reality makes investing in individualized care more important for achieving success. A Better Today Recovery Services emphasizes relapse prevention with master level therapists who are passionate about preventing the nightmare relapse causes the whole family.

Our therapists pin-point triggers that cause substance abuse. Understanding what provokes relapse is unique to each patient and ABTRS’s approach offers one-on-one counseling to ensure long-term success.

Our approach to drug and alcohol treatment empower the patient to overcome those cravings that cause them to seek and use drugs. We focus on building their confidence in saying no and meaning it. Our staff puts in extra effort in getting them in touch with aftercare in their hometown. Having a strong support system right after treatment means long-lasting sobriety.

A Better Today Recovery Services specializes in effective aftercare and will go out of our way to provide tours of sober living houses, 12 Step sponsorship programs for effective support in moments of crisis, and alumni events to surround them with a community who cares about their recovery just as much as their family does. Trust in A Better Today Recovery Services to provide the care your loved one needs.

ABTRS’s Privacy & Confidentiality Programs are Important for Beginning Anew

Yes, drug and alcohol addiction can often be considered shameful and taboo. At A Better Today Recovery Services, we focus on securing each patient with a bright and better future; respecting the tragic experiences each patient may have faced when struggling with addiction.

Our ABTRS approach encourages healing and earning our patients trust is important for adequately dealing with co-occurring and dual diagnosis. Our master level therapists will get to the root of the patient’s addiction and that means offering a high level of respect to privacy during therapy sessions.

A Better Today Recovery Service’s individualized treatment programs are HIPAA compliant and completely confidently the moment you speak with an addiction specialist. Let us help you and trust in us to keep all medical records and therapy sessions confidential.

A Better Today Recovery Services understands there is a sense of peace of mind in maintaining the patient’s recovery in a discrete but effective manner. Our approach provides anonymous fellowships for both drugs and alcohol addictions. Substance abuse treatment is a very personal experience and providing patients with referrals to these fellowships is key in a strong support system.

Offering a safe environment that respects privacy and confidentiality is an important component in effective and quality treatment. Treatment that A Better Today Recovery Services believes progresses the healing process and inspires both healing of the mind and soul.

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A Better Today Recovery Services Offers Quality Care & a Safe Environment to Recover

Each patient’s experience with drug abuse is unique and often dangerously tragic. A Better Today Recovery Service’s approach to addiction treatment removes the patient from an environment that causes them great stress and accessibility to drugs or alcohol. We offer a luxurious and safe environment for healing and self-reflection.

Our inpatient treatment programs provide 24-hour medical staff to ensure the patient’s comfort starts their recovery off in the best direction possible. There is always a risk that the patient will want to leave when the cravings and self-doubt stifles their progress.

Our staff respects the need to vent when emotions run high but never stop motivating them to complete their treatment and push past the hard milestones in their journey. A Better Today Recovery Services is dedicated even when our patients are struggling to overcome their desire to abuse.

Trust in A Better Today Recovery Services to provide treatment plans with the struggling loved one in mind. Their better quality of life is our true concept of success. Saving lives and healing families will always be ABTRS’s primary goal. With that in mind, we will always think about the patient’s safety and offer a positive environment that heals the mind, body and soul.

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