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Why it is Important to Get Involved in Your Loved Ones Treatment?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “The involvement of a family member or significant other in an individual’s treatment program can strengthen and extend treatment benefits,” meaning that those closest to the addict, either family or close loved one, should involve themselves in the treatment and recovery of the loved one as it has been proven to greatly help in the long run.

A Better Today understands that when one person is addicted, the entire family suffers. We understand that substance abuse affects everyone including spouses, siblings and children. As much as family is involved in their loved one’s addiction, family should be prepared to be involved in their loved one’s recovery. Being involved in the treatment of your loved one is not only about helping them overcome addiction, but learning how to create a healthy environment and building back up a healthy relationship for everyone that has been affected by the disease.

It is a time for you to get the support you need as well. You must examine your role as well and ask yourself some hard questions such as, “Have I been in denial about my loved one’s addiction?” Or, “have I enabled them?”

Another reason to get involved is because it shows them that you believe in them and will be by their side on the road to change. Overall, the disease of addiction is a family affair.

Should I get Involved in my Loved Ones Treatment?

There can be some mixed feelings when a loved one comes into treatment. We have spoken to families who were on the verge of giving up on their loved one before treatment, and other families who have been through this before wondering  if this is going to be any different than the last. The short answer is yes. 

No matter what the circumstances and history are with your loved one and their substance abuse, we recommend that you stay involved. Trust us when we say that we understand that family and friends of those who are addicted to Alcohol and drugs endure a pain that some will never know. One thing remains true, though: those with substance use disorders tend to cause worry, stress and fear to everyone close to them.

We hope that you will get involved in family therapy and groups while your loved one is in treatment. We understand that the decision to be involved is ultimately up to you, though. Just remember that your loved one will benefit from knowing that you believe in them and are cheering them on from the sidelines. A Better Today understands that family involvement and support are vital to an individuals recovery, and we know that you deserve a chance to be heard too.

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