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Why Sober Living
May Be A Good Idea

Sober Living and Why it May be a Good Idea

Sober living facilities are designed to help those recently sober find firm footing in sobriety. These structured home environments aim at providing a safe and supportive environment for those looking to start a new chapter in life.

For most people new to sobriety, the world suddenly feels like a new, strange place. If a person has spent a considerable portion of his or her life in active addiction, getting sober may feel like moving to a foreign country. Everything is different. Instead of drinking or using to celebrate, mourn, and defeat boredom, the focus turns to facing and fixing issues instead of running or numbing them.

This is not an easy task by any means. In essence, a person may experience decades worth of emotional and social learning in a matter of months. Sober living homes provide a safe place for people to work through the difficult days in early sobriety with markedly less fear of relapse than elsewhere.

A large part of sober living is the relationships and support you receive from fellow sober people in the house. The support, guidance and motivation to stay sober and continue progressing toward health is most often provided by friends you will meet in the sober living home.

There is really no downside to choosing sober living as the next step after completing treatment. For some, the cost is prohibitive, however, if this is the case ask about scholarships or payment options.

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